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Richard Matheson Biography

Writer Richard Matheson was born in 1926 in New Jersey. He’s arguably best remembered for his novel I Am Legend (1954), that has been adapted into movie on three different occasions: The Last Man on Earth (1964), The Omega Man (1971) and I’m Legend (2007). Along with writing novels, Matheson ...

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Neal Cassady Biography

He perished as a result, on February 4, 1968. His mom died when he was 10, and he was raised by his alcoholic dad in Denver, Texas. Cassady snitched autos, hitchhiked, and was in and out of reform schools. He spent a year in jail in the age of 18. In 1946, ...

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Emma Forrest Biography

Place on a pattern of harmful behaviour for an early age, she also evinced a precocious writing ability that got her posts as well as a column called “Generation X” in national publications while still in her teens. Novels and screenplays followed, and her bestselling memoir chronicling her self harm, ...

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Jean Vigo Biography

Though his work was censored by authorities, he’d afterwards be seen as having a unique, tremendously powerful vision. Having fought with sickness, Vigo died at age 29, on October 5, 1934. His parents were noticed anarchists, and his dad, who used the alias Miguel Almereyda, was detained repeatedly during Vigo’s youth. ...

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Miep Gies Biography

She married a Dutch guy and worked for Otto Frank, becoming close with his family. She, along with several co-workers, concealed the Franks in a secret annex to work for over a couple of years before their discovery by the Gestapo. She saved Anne Frank’s diaries and afterwards returned them ...

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Alfonso Cuarón Biography

Produced on November 28, 1961, in Mexico City, Mexico, Alfonso Cuarn helmed several picture and television jobs before directing the sexual road film Y Tu Mam Tambin. Cuarn’s globally successful space-based story, Gravity, premiered in 2013. He grew up in a picture-going family having a mom who supported a passion for ...

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