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Miep Gies Biography

She married a Dutch guy and worked for Otto Frank, becoming close with his family. She, along with several co-workers, concealed the Franks in a secret annex to work for over a couple of years before their discovery by the Gestapo. She saved Anne Frank’s diaries and afterwards returned them ...

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Alfonso Cuarón Biography

Produced on November 28, 1961, in Mexico City, Mexico, Alfonso Cuarn helmed several picture and television jobs before directing the sexual road film Y Tu Mam Tambin. Cuarn’s globally successful space-based story, Gravity, premiered in 2013. He grew up in a picture-going family having a mom who supported a passion for ...

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Michio Kaku Biography

The cofounder of string field theory, Kaku is the writer of several popular publications and has appeared on numerous television programs. His parents were both of Tibetan descent, and his grandfather immigrated to America for work in the clean-up efforts after the disastrous 1906 quake in San Francisco. Kaku first became ...

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August Strindberg Biography

Writer August Strindberg was born on January 22, 1849, in Stockholm, Sweden. After an incomplete university instruction and short careers as a journalist and librarian, he started composing naturalistic, often satirical fiction and plays that will earn him recognition as among Sweden’s most significant modern writers. He died in Stockholm ...

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Jhumpa Lahiri Biography

Produced on July 11, 1967, in London, England, to Bengali parentage, writer Jhumpa Lahiri released her introduction in 1999, Interpreter of Maladies, winning the Pulitzer Prize. Lahiri’s 2013 novel, The Lowland, was partly inspired by real world political events. Nilanjana Sudheshna Lahiri was born on July 11, 1967, in London, England, ...

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Oscar Wilde Biography

Produced on October 16, 1854 in Dublin, Irish writer Oscar Wilde is famous for the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray as well as the play The Importance of Being Earnest, along with for his notorious arrest and imprisonment for being homosexual. His dad, William Wilde, was an acclaimed physician who ...

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