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Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca Biography

Explorer lvar Nez Cabeza de Vaca was born 1490, in Extremadura, Castile, Spain. By September all but his party of 60 had perished; it reached the coast near present day Galveston, Texas. The survivors lived on the list of natives of the area for four years, and Cabeza de Vaca ...

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P.L. Travers Biography

P.L. Travers was born on August 9, 1899, in Queensland, Australia. The Mary Poppins stories sprang from amusing youthful visitors along using a love of mythology. Infamously private and prickly, the Disney movie Mary Poppins made her hugely rich, but sad. She died in London on April 23, 1996. Her ...

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Iris Murdoch Biography

Iris Murdoch was born on July 15, 1919, in Dublin, Ireland. She released her first novel in 1954, and also would go to release more than 26 novels. The Sea, the Sea won a Booker Prize in 1978. While she was growing up, her dad worked as a civil servant, and ...

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George Kelly Biography

In the age of 27, George Kelly was convicted of the March 19, 1949, killing of Leonard Thomas, the supervisor of the Cameo Cinema in Liverpool, England. Due to the brutality of the notorious homicide, which comprised the departure of Thomas’assistant, John Catterall,almost 70,000 individuals were interviewed to find the defendants. ...

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Tim LaHaye Biography

He attended the old-fashioned Bob Jones University and became a Baptist pastor before employed as a radio and television persona. In the 1970s, LaHaye helped create the Moral Majority with Jerry Falwell among others. In 1995, he brought his vision of The Rapture to the area of literature when he ...

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C.S. Forester Biography

British writer C.S. Forester was born on August 27, 1899, in Cairo, Egypt. He wrote 12 novels about Hornblower. He also worked as reporter in London for The Times. During the Second World War, he composed propaganda to convince the U.S. to join the Allies. He died in 1966.

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