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Woody Harrelson Biography




Woody Harrelson’s big break came in 1985, when he was cast as pleasant, dimwitted bartender Woody Boyd on the extremely popular sitcom Cheers. His performance earned him five Emmy nominations as well as a win for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Show. Harrelson went into movie and has had an impressive run, in movies like Natural Born Killers, The Thin Red Line and No Country for Old Men. More lately, Harrelson won accolades for his character on the HBO crime show True Detective.

Harrelson was raised having a solid, religious basis, which helped him earn a scholarship to Hanover College, a Presbyterian institution in Indiana.

In 1983, Harrelson earned a bachelor’s degree in English and theatrical arts, after which he headed to Nyc to pursue acting. His career started as an understudy in the Neil Simon play Biloxi Bluesand as an extra in several movies and television shows.

Woody Harrelson Biography