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William Wallace Biography

Full namePaul Seiko Chihara
Know asPaul Chihara, Chihara, Paul
Birth placeSeattle, Washington, United States
Birth date1938-07-09
Age81 years, 10 month, 12 days
Star signCancer

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Paul Seiko Chihara Biography:

William Wallace – Fight for Independence (TV14; 1:09) William Wallace spearheaded Scotland’s long charge against the English toward independence, and his martyrdom paved the way for ultimate achievement.
Produced circa 1270, near Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland,William Wallace was the son of a Scottish landowner. He spearheaded his nation’s long charge from the English toward independence, and his martyrdom paved the means for ultimate achievement.

Produced around 1270 to some Scottish landowner, William Wallace’s attempts to free Scotland from England’s grip arrived only annually after his state initially lost its independence, when he was 27 years old. Opposition to Edward’s activities had already started when, in May 1297, Wallace and some 30 other guys burned the Scottish town of Lanark and killed its English sheriff. Wallace subsequently formed an area military and attacked the English strongholds between the Forth and Tay rivers.

On September 11, 1297, an English military faced Wallace and his guys at the Forth River near Stirling. Wallace’s forces were greatly outnumbered, but the English needed to cross a narrow bridge over the Forth before they are able to reach Wallace and his growing military. With tactical placement on their side, Wallace’s forces massacred the English as they crossed the river, and Wallace developed an improbable and smashing success.

He went on to gain Stirling Castle, and Scotland was briefly virtually free of invading English forces. In October, Wallace invaded northern England and ravaged Northumberland and Cumberland counties, but his unconventionally savage conflict approaches (he apparently flayed a dead English soldier and kept his skin as a prize) merely served to antagonize the English much more. But three months afterwards, Edward returned to England, and four months after that, in July, he invaded Scotland again.

On July 22, Wallace’s troops suffered defeat in the Battle of Falkirk, so that as fast as that, his military reputation was destroyed and he resigned his guardianship. Wallace next served as a diplomat as well as in 1299 tried to garner French support for Scotland’s rebellion. He was seen by the Scots as a martyr so when a sign of the battle for autonomy, and his attempts continued after his departure. Scotland attained its autonomy some 23 years after William Wallace’s execution, using the Treaty of Edinburgh in 1328, and Wallace has since been recalled as among Scotland’s greatest heroes.

William Wallace Biography

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