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William the Conqueror Biography

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In age 8, William the Conqueror became duke of Normandy. Violence plagued his early reign, but with the support of King Henry I of France, William managed to endure the early years. Following the Battle of Hastings, in 1066, William was crowned king of England. King never talked English and was illiterate, however he had more influence on the development of the English language subsequently anyone before or since. William ruled England until his passing, on September 9, 1087, in Rouen, France. At just 8 years old , William became the brand new duke of Normandy. A couple of William’s guards perished and his teacher was killed over the course of an interval of intense anarchy. With the aid of King Henry I of France, William managed to endure the early years.

Taking a fresh stand on political occasions, William ultimately got strong control of his duchy (although his enemies usually referred to him as “The Bastard” due to his illegitimate birth). By 1064, King Henry had beaten and won two nearby states Brittany and Maine. Meanwhile, the childless king of England Edward the Confessor, whose mom was a sister of William’s grandpa guaranteed William succession to the English throne. The Witan, a council of English lords that generally took part in determining series, supported Harold. William, angered by the treachery, chose to invade England and apply his claim.

William gathered a fleet and an army on the French shore, but due to unrelenting north winds, their progress was delayed for a number of weeks. Meanwhile, the Norwegian military invaded England from the North Sea. Harold, who was preparing for William’s invasion in the south, quickly went his army north to defend England from Norway. On October 14, 1066, both armies met in the well-known Battle of Hastings. King Harold and his two brothers were killed in the conflict, and since no one of height continued to raise a fresh military, William’s path to the throne was clear. The king was crowned king of England on Christmas Day.

There were several revolts in another five years, which William used as an justification to confiscate English land and hold it his personal property. Then he distributed the property to his Norman followers, who visited their unique feudal system. Eventually, Normans replaced the whole Anglo Saxon aristocracy. William, nevertheless, kept most of England’s associations and was intensely enthusiastic about learning about his new property. William expired on September 9, 1087, in Rouen, France. The debut of skilled Norman administrators might be mainly responsible for eventually making England the strongest government in Europe.

William the Conqueror Biography

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