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William Monroe Trotter Biography

Produced on April 7, 1872, in Chillicothe, Ohio, William Monroe Trotter went to become the primary Phi Betta Kappa graduate from Harvard, as well as a staunch adversary of the more conciliatory race-established notions of Booker T. Washington. Trotter founded the newspaper The Guardian and helped W.E.B. Du Bois form the Niagara Movement of 1905.

His dad, James, was a writer and former civil rights lieutenant who worked in property. He made history as Harvard’s first African American student to be a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honor fraternity before graduating magna cum laude from the institution in 1895, after earning a master’s degree. Procrastinated from going into banking as a result of discrimination, Trotter worked in property. In 1899, he married Geraldine L. Pindell.

Trotter became a staunch opponent of racial discrimination and located himself in disagreement with Booker T. Washington, the age’s most popular African American leader. Washington urged a more conciliatory approach together with the status quo and pushed for African Americans to pursue vocational and agricultural training, which Trotter got to be a problematic position contemplating Washington’s luminary standing among white political leaders.¬†With co-worker George Forbes, he created The Guardian paper to disseminate “propaganda against discrimination.” The publication pushed for African American equality and critiqued Washington’s perspectives.

William Monroe Trotter Biography

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