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William Findley Biography

Full nameWilliam Findley
Know asWilliam Findley, Findley, William
Birth date1741-01-01
Lived80 years, 3 month, 3 days
WorkMember, Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania, representing Westmoreland County

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William Findley Biography:

Throughout his political career, Findley supported democratic principles like free speech and direct elections. Findley expired on April 5, 1821, in Unity Township, Pennsylvania. William Findley was born in the state of Ulster in northern Ireland, in either 1741 or 1742. Then he worked as a teacher. Findley fought for independence through the Revolutionary War, serving first as a private and finally as a captain. As the Revolutionary War wound down, William Findley moved to western Pennsylvania, buying a farm in Westmoreland County. Findley additionally served in the state’s General Assembly from 1784 to 1787.

After politicians like Alexander Hamilton pushed for a more powerful national government in relation to the Articles of Confederation allowed, a new federal Constitution was written in 1787. When it came time for Pennsylvania to ratify the brand new record, Findley, an anti-Federalist who needed a national government with limited power, strongly objected to the record’s insufficient supply for trial by jury, freedom of speech as well as other measures he believed were needed to safeguard the rights of people and of the states. Despite Findley’s vote against it, Pennsylvania promptly ratified the new Constitution. Nevertheless, a lot of the protections Findley wanted were in the Bill of Rights. With one of these changes, Findley as well as other Anti-Federalists could support the Constitution.

Using a fresh national Constitution, Pennsylvania wanted its own new ruling document. In the convention, Findley additionally introduced a solution to instruct the poor at no cost.

This popularity helped Findley win election to a number of terms in Congress, starting from 1791 to 1799, after which from 1803 to 1817 (he returned to state government from 1799 to 1802, as a part of Pennsylvania’s state Senate). For his first two congressional periods, Findley was elected as an associate of the Anti-Administration party. Next, Findley served as an associate of the Jeffersonian Republican party.

Findley was in Congress through the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794, a defining moment for the young Usa. Western farmers, who’d little cash available, had objected to a 1791 national tax on distilled spirits. A small farmer himself, Findley initially sympathized with all the cause. Nevertheless, he attempted to calm the rebellion when it developed more powerful in western Pennsylvania. Neither Findley’s discussions with all the rebels nor with President George Washington led into a peaceful solution. The rebels simply dispersed, without violence, when Washington sent 13,000 militia troops to the region. In 1796, Findley released a novel regarding the rebellion, History of the Insurrection in the Four Western Counties of Pennsylvania in the Year 1794. He expired on April 5, 1821, in the approximate age of 80, in Unity Township, Pennsylvania. Although not as well understood now as a few of the politicians he worked and socialized with, Findley was an important leader whose staunch belief in democratic principles helped to shape a fresh country.

William Findley Biography

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