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Wil Wheaton Biography

Full nameRichard William Wheaton III
Know asWil Wheaton, Wheaton, Wil
Birth placeBurbank, California, U.S.
Birth date1972-07-29
Age47 years, 8 month, 2 days
Star signLeo
OccupationActor, writer, blogger, voice actor
Height5' 10" (1.78 m)
SpouseAnne Prince
ChildrenTwo stepsons, one being legally adopted, he has one son and is a step father to another, One son, one stepson

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Richard William Wheaton III Biography:

His parents started taking him to auditions as a kid and he reserved his first job when he was just 7.

His dad, Richard William Jr., a medical tech, and his mom, Debra O’Connor, an actress, later supplied their oldest son, whom they called Wil, with a smaller brother and sister. Wil Wheaton’s performing career started early, in the age of 7, when he made his first appearance in a television advertisement. This immediately led to additional performing work, including roles in numerous TV movies and series along with in a advertisement for Jell-O Pudding Pops with legendary comedian Bill Cosby.

On the basis of the Stephen King short story “The Body,” the movie starred three other kid performers who later become household names: River Phoenix, Jerry O’Connell and Corey Feldman. Wheaton after narrated a Biography show section on the life and death of River Phoenix.

In the years after the launch of Stand by Me, Wheaton would continue to appear in countless other movies and television series however he possibly famous for his role as Wesley Crusher to the Star Trek: The Next Generation show, which starred Patrick Stewart. Wheaton, an admitted fan of the first Star Trek series as well as a self-identified “geek,” relished his character on the show.

In the mid-90s, Wheaton selected to study acting in an official setting and spent time in a variety of plans honing his craft. He continued to make television appearances and additionally did voiceovers for cartoons and game titles. He later rejoined his Star Trek cast teammates to get a cameo appearance in the 2002 movie Star Trek: Nemesis.

In 2005, Wheaton rated number 62 in VH1’s list of the Finest 100 Child Stars, though his aspiration continues to be to cast off his “good guy” picture also to impersonate a more sinister character.

Although Wheaton’s Star Trek character brought a vocal anti-fanatic following from Trekkies, his succeeding on-line existence on his web site Wil Wheaton Dot Net has made him a kind of unofficialspokesperson for the”geek/nerd” community. His convention appearances, blogging, podcasts, avid computer gaming as well as a stint as a technology programmer for the Video Toaster 4000, which called for a move to Kansas, have further underscored Wheaton’s professional geek standing.

Wheaton has composed a web-based gaming column for the Onion and created spinoff novels from his web site and websites, like Dancing Barefoot and The Happiest Days of Our Lives, via his (now-defunct) printing enterprise, Monolith Press.

In November 1999, Wheaton wed Anne Prince and is dad to her two sons from an earlier relationship. He credits her with his sanity, saying: “She Is made this encounter considerably less hopeless for me personally, with her empathy, patience and comprehension.”

Wil Wheaton Biography

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