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Victoria Woodhull Biography

In 1870, Woodhull created Woodhull and Claflin’s Weekly, a revolutionary publication, in which she expressed her thoughts on various activist issues. The journal also printed the very first English translation of Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto. Woodhull afterwards moved to England and composed more activist works. Woodhull died in England in 1927.

Produced Victoria Claflin on September 23, 1838, in Homer, Ohio, Victoria Woodhull was a extreme in several ways during her life, and made history in 1872 as the very first woman to run for the presidency of America. Woodhull became a favorite medium, traveling around with her sister to amuse crowds. In age 15, Victoria married Canning Woodhull. In 1868, Woodhull and her sister, Tennessee, traveled to nyc, where they met Cornelius Vanderbilt. The rich Vanderbilt had lately become a widower, and he valued the emotional comfort that Victoria Woodhull could supply him so much that he set the sisters up in company. The sisters began the initial girl-run stock brokerage company.

Victoria Woodhull Biography

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