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Valerie Thomas Biography

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Valerie Thomas Biography:

Thomas’s interest in mathematics and science are not supported until her college years. After graduating with a diploma in chemistry, Thomas taken a place at NASA. She stayed there until her retirement in 1995. Throughout that time, Thomas received a patent for an illusion transmitter and given generally to the corporation ‘s research attempts.

Fascinated by technology from a young age, Thomas had not been supported to investigate science. In the age of 8, she assessed a novel known as The Boy’s First Novel On Electronics from the area library. Her dad wouldn’t work on the jobs along with his daughter, despite his own interest in electronics. Thomas attended a high school for girls that downplayed mathematics and science.

After graduating from high school, Thomas eventually got an opportunity to explore her interests as a student at Morgan State University. She was one of just two girls at Morgan to major in physics. Thomas shone in her studies. She graduated from Morgan and taken a place as a data analyst at NASA. Thomas developed to be a valued NASA worker. In the 1970s, she managed the development of the image processing systems for Landsat, the primary satellite to send pictures to the Earth from space.

The unit generates optical illusion pictures via two concave mirrors. Unlike flat mirrors, which generate pictures that seem to be indoors, or behind the mirror, concave mirrors create pictures that look like actual, or before the mirror itself. This technology was later embraced by NASA and has since been adapted to be used in operation in addition to the creation of television and video displays.

Within the span of her career, Thomas given extensively to the study of space. For her accomplishments, Thomas received several of NASA awards such as the Goddard Space Flight Center Award of Merit as well as the NASA Equal Opportunity Medal. Her success as a scientist, regardless of the dearth of early support for her interests, inspired Thomas to get in touch with pupils. Along with her work at NASA, she mentored youths through the National Technical Organization and Science Mathematics Aerospace Research and Technology, Inc.

Valerie Thomas Biography

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