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U Ne Win Biography

He carried out a coup d’tat of the ruling party in 1962, creating a socialist and isolationist regime that eventually emptied the nation’s market. Ne Win stepped down from office in 1988, and died under house arrest in Yangon, Myanmar, on December 5, 2002. The son of a government official, he attended University College, Rangoon for a couple of years, but left in 1931 before receiving a diploma. Considering the name Ne Win, meaning “excellent as sunlight,” he became an officer in the Japanese-sponsored Burma Independence Army.

When coalitions with Japanese forces turned into an unwanted profession, Ne Win helped coordinate a resistance that drove them in the united states. When Burma attained complete autonomy from Britain on January 4, 1948, Ne Win was named leader of the general staff and supreme commander of the armed forces. Together with the nation shaken by ethnic insurgencies and government uncertainty, Ne Win briefly took over prime minister responsibilities from U Nu in 1958. He was able to re-establish order and created general elections in 1960 that resulted in the reelection of Nu.

Ne Win created a socialist and isolationist regime, nationalizing commerce while expelling foreign entrepreneurs and cutting off contact with all the surface world. He additionally transformed Burma into a one party state by replacing Parliament having a military dictatorship and jailing opponents of his Burmese Socialist Program Party. Ne Win’s fashion could veer toward the eccentric. He took guidance from numerologists and astrologers, and apparently had money printed in denominations of 45 and 90 due to his belief that multiples of nine were fortunate amounts. But when it came to political doctrine, he was narrow minded in his aims.

Ne Win assumed the title of president from 1974 to ’81, after which time he efficiently continued the state’s supreme political leader as chairman of the BSPP. Nevertheless, his policies had turned Burma into among the planet ‘s poorest countries, triggering widespread government corruption and civil unrest. Following a streak anti-government demonstrations, Ne Win announced his resignation in the BSPP in 1988.

Although Ne Win had previously retired upon stepping down from office, he apparently continued to affect political decisions behind the scenes. In March 2002, the previous leader was put under house arrest at his lakeside villa near Yangon following the incarceration of several family members who have been accused of plotting a coup from the ruling powers. He died at his residence on December 5, 2002.

U Ne Win Biography

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