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Tyra Banks Biography

Full nameTyra Lynne amega Banks
Know asBanks, Tyra Lynne, Tyra Lynne Banks, Tyra Banks, Banks, Tyra, Tyra lynn amega Banks, Tyrah Wilson
Birth placeLos Angeles, California, USA
Birth date1973-12-04
Age46 years, 3 month, 27 days
Star signSagittarius
WorkTyra Banks navigational boxes
OccupationModel, actress, singer, author, television personality, television host, star ball player, producer
Height5' 10" (1.78 m)

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Tyra Lynne amega Banks Biography:

Banks has continued to expand her company interests, establishing her own makeup line in 2014.

Her dad, Don Banks, was a computer consultant and her mom, Carolyn, was a medical photographer. “I stayed with Mom on the weekdays and Dad on the weekends. I had two birthday parties, two Christmases. Twice the gifts, double the love.”

“I was instructed to love food, never to dread it,” Banks recalls. She developed healthier customs, also, and started working out together with her mom’s exercise group in the age of 6. After her grandma passed away from lung cancer, Banks also vowed never to smoke.

Banks admits that she was somewhat of a “mean girl” in middle school. When Banks attended Immaculate Heart High School in La, nevertheless, she found herself on another end of the societal food chain. A surprising growth spurt left her tall and gawky, and her classmates gave her unkind nicknames like “Giraffe” and “Lightbulb Head.” “I went from being the popular girl who seemed ordinary, to being considered a freak,” Banks recalls. However, Banks says that the ribbing and mistreatment taught her the need for kindness. “It turned out that the best things [to occur to me] in my life were to be made fun of, and also to have no friends, also to feel depressed each and every day.”

By 1989, in the age of 17, Banks had outgrown her difficult stage and started to resemble the tall, curvy, caramel-skinned and green eyed beauty who does light up runways and magazine covers for a long time. Nevertheless, her first efforts to locate a modeling agency were met with rejection and discrimination. Banks recalls that one service said she seemed “too ethnic” and another said that it “already had a black woman and did not need another.”

In 1990, while still in high school, Banks landed a contract with Elite Model Management, the biggest modeling agency on the planet. After that year, she shot her first print piece for Seventeen magazine. After graduating from high school in 1991, Banks registered at Loyola Marymount University in La, but decided to forego faculty when Elite offered to send her to Paris for high fashion runway modeling.

Banks climbed quickly through the ranks of fashion modeling to turned into one the planet ‘s top supermodels. She reserved 25 runway shows while in Paris in 1991, an unprecedented accomplishment for a beginner to the sector. However, from the mid-1990s, Banks started to gain weight, a banned sin on earth of rail-thin clothes models. Reluctant to starve herself to reach the required physique for high fashion models, Banks chose to come back to America and switch to swimwear and lingerie modeling, where curvier models tend to be more welcome. “I made my living being 20 or 30 pounds heavier in relation to the typical model,” Banks says. “And that is where I got well-known.

In 1996, Tyra Banks became the very first black woman to show up on the cover of GQ. A year after, she became the very first African American girl to show up on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, along with the very first black woman to be featured in Victoria’s Secret lingerie catalog.

Along with her modeling, Banks started pursuing an acting career in the 1990s. Later TV work included appearances inGossip Daughter and Glee.

In 2006, Top Model was selected to headline the newly created CW television network. The show, with over 20 seasons under its belt, continues to attract tremendous television audiences.

Banks enlarged into daytime television along with her very own talk show, The Tyra Show, in 2005. The show’s most famous moment came in February 2007, right after several unflattering images of Banks in a bathing suit surfaced in tabloid magazines. Banks marched onstage wearing the exact same bathing suit and told critics to “Kiss my fat ass!” In 2010, Banks said good-bye to her talk show after five years on the air. She told People magazine that she chose to stop her plan to concentrate on “bringing positive images of girls to the big screen.”

The next year, Banks found a fashion and attractiveness site called typeF.com. She also registered at Harvard Business School around this time, finishing her particular lessons for CEOs and other top executives in early 2012.The model-turned-entertainment-mogul has since founded the TYRA Beauty make-up line. She also debuted a new talk show in September 2015 phoned FABLife, though she declared her departure just two months after to concentrate on different business interests.

Banks, who seldom discusses her romantic life in public, continues to be involved with several stars over time, including director John Singleton and basketball player Chris Webber. She’s now in a long term relationship with Norwegian photographer Erik Asla.

Banks is active in several societal and non-profit causes. Among her private assignments continues to be to help young women cope with self esteem problems. As early as 1992, when she was just 19 years old, Banks financed a scholarship to assist young black women attend her alma mater, the private Immaculate Heart High School in La. In 1998, she composed Tyra’s Beauty Inside & Outside, a publication aimed at inspiring young women, as well as a year after she founded TZONE, a foundation aimed at developing adolescent girls’ autonomy and self esteem.

Tyra Banks Biography

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