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Tony Accardo Biography

Full nameAntonino Leonardo Accardo
Know asTony Accardo, Accardo,Tony
Birth placeChicago, Illinois, USA
Birth date1906-04-28
Lived86 years, 0 month, 24 days
Star signTaurus
WorkChicago Outfit Boss

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Antonino Leonardo Accardo Biography:

Produced April 26, 1906, in Chicago, Illinois, into a shoemaker and his wife, Antonino Leonardo Accardo dropped from grade school and immediately dedicated himself into a life of organized crime. Accardo came to infamy as a hitman for Al Capone who supposedly participated in the Valentine’s Day Massacre. Never convicted of his offenses, Accardo refused any ties to the gang until his passing in 1992. Organized crime manager. Produced Antonino Leonardo Accardo in Chicago, Illinois, on April 28, 1906.

In the age of five, Tony started grade school in the James Otis Elementary School, not far from where he resided. His parents, Francesco and Maria, weren’t impressed with his improvement, either. As was a standard practice at that time, Accardo’s family filed a delayed birth record affidavit saying that Tony was created in 1904, which made him the legal age to drop from school and start work. His first occupation was as a delivery boy for a florist, and he afterwards worked as a supermarket clerk. In accordance with law-enforcement authorities, those two occupations likely made up his only valid employment.

Almost two years after, on March 22nd, 1922, authorities detained him for an auto infraction. This began what would be the first of a lengthy record of unlawful action for Accardo. In 1923, Accardo was fined $200 for disorderly conduct in a nearby pool hall where leading gang figures were known to hang out. He was subsequently convicted of disorderly conduct two more times in the following year. It was afterward that his violent antics got the attention of infamous mobster Al Capone. Other members of the gang comprised Claude Maddox, “Tough Tony” Capezio and Vincenzo De Mora, afterwards known as “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn. The number of offenders became allied with Al “Scarface” Capone and his Chicago Crime Syndicate.

With this particular modest introduction to offense, Accardo progressed to muggings, pick pocketing, burglary, auto theft, armed robbery and assault. Accardo’s close friend and fellow Circus Gang member, Vincenzo DeMora, was shortly promoted to Capone’s individual gang, where he was employed as a hitman. McGurn proposed Tony Accardo who, through his fast thinking and devotion, shortly earned a promotion to bodyguard for Capone.

Soon after his membership into Capone’s group, Accardo was shown in the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day massacre. On February 14 of this year, Accardo and four other gangsters disguised themselves as officers. Subsequently, they allegedly raided the SMC Cartage Company garage on North Clark Street, killing six of seven competing gang members indoors. The seventh died later in hospital. Although law enforcement officials could never connect Accardo to the homicides, he was seen in the foyer of Capone’s headquarters, the Lexington Hotel on Michigan Avenue, using a machine gun. Accardo was supposedly involved in other violent homicides, for instance, savage killing of two traitors to the Outfit that he beat to death using a baseball bat, earning him the nickname “Joe Batters.” He was likewise tied to a hit on a former associate of Capone’s named Frankie Yale, who had been gunned down in Brooklyn, Ny, by machinegun fire.

In 1943, Accardo’s other close friend, Paul “the Waiter” Ricca, supposedly assumed control of the whole Capone crime family, and made Accardo as underboss. Observing other managers visit jail over racketeering and extortion, Accardo supported Ricca to pull the organization away from these processes of income. Instead, he transferred the outfit into slot and vending machines, counterfeit cigarettes, illegal wire services, and international narcotics smuggling. When Las Vegas enlarged, Accardo made sure the casinos used just his slot machines and that bookmakers used his wire service to provide racing info to other bookies. His company choices made the Chicago Syndicate millions in profits.

Accardo supposedly took over as gang leader when Ricca retired in 1968, however he’d always deny it, saying that he was never involved using the gang. National wiretaps as well as other resources of intelligence, however, disclosed that Accardo was profoundly tied to the Chicago Syndicate. After Accardo’s retirement, IRS representatives started to probe deeply into his munificent income and its own possible sources. The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago after overturned the conviction, however, mentioning prejudicial media promotion that happened during Accardo’s trial.

At his last appearance before the committee in 1984, he denied any part in the Chicago mob. “I don’t have any control over anybody,” Accardo testified. He did admit his camaraderie having several high profile organized crime figures in Chicago, but said he’d “never been a manager.” Before his departure, Accardo split his time between Palm Springs and an estate in the Chicago suburb of Barrington.

Tony Accardo Biography

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