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Timothy Dalton Biography

An accomplished Shakespearean actor, Dalton got his start in movie in The Lion in Winter (1968). Dalton grabbed the interest of scifi buffs in Flash Gordon (1980) subsequently catapulted to international acclaim in the 1980s as James Bond.

As a young teen Dalton’s career path appeared destined toward military service. His dad had served in Specific Operations during the second world war, as well as the youthful Dalton had his eye on becoming an Air Cadet.

But in age 16, Timothy Dalton viewed a performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth that changed his life. Dalton joined using a national youth theatre group and spent his summers traveling around England. After high school, Dalton registered in the esteemed Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. But restless and ready to break free from what he had later describe as the “oppressive” character of the school’s teachers, Dalton left RADA after only two years of study.

It did not take long for him to locate work.

In age 22, Dalton was approached about succeeding Sean Connery in the James Bond series. Feeling as though he was too young for the part, the performer turned the offer down.

Instead, the perfectionist in Dalton returned him to the theatre, where for much of the initial half of the 1970s he remained active and continued to further hone his craft.

From the early 1980s, Dalton had raised his profile again. The actor had several guest appearances on American television, for example, program Charlie’s Angels, and ingratiated himself with scifi enthusiasts as Prince Barin in Flash Gordon (1980).

Coming off of a disappointing box office demonstrating using A View to a Kill (1985), the franchise was stumbling and wanted an injection of energy. This time Dalton said yes.

But Dalton’s second Bond picture, License to Kill (1989), which established even darker than Dalton’s introduction 007 movie, fought in the box office. When a legal fight between MGM as well as the movie’s producers ruptured within the possession of the franchise, Dalton, who had three pictures left to carry through on his deal, called it quits.

In the past few years because the Bond movies, Dalton has investigated a variety of different types of jobs. More lately the actor had a semi-regular character opposite Linda Hamilton in the NBC show Chuck.

On the big screen, Dalton has continued to remain active. In 2014, Dalton returned to show television on the cable play Penny Dreadful.

Over time, Timothy Dalton’s intimate companies have included such stars as Vanessa Redgrave and Whoopi Goldberg. The actor additionally has a son, Alexander Dalton, with former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

Timothy Dalton Biography

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