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Tim LaHaye Biography

Full nameTim LaHaye
Know asTim LaHaye, LaHaye, Tim
Birth placeDetroit, Michigan, U.S.
Birth date1926-04-27
Age93 years, 11 month, 4 days
Star signTaurus
OccupationMinister, author
SpouseBeverly LaHaye

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Tim LaHaye Biography:

He attended the old-fashioned Bob Jones University and became a Baptist pastor before employed as a radio and television persona. In the 1970s, LaHaye helped create the Moral Majority with Jerry Falwell among others. In 1995, he brought his vision of The Rapture to the area of literature when he coauthored the bestselling Left Behind series with Jerry Jenkins.

Considered a top speaker and writer on the biblical prophecy in spiritual groups, LaHaye helped to produce a worldwide phenomenon with the extremely successful Left Behind book series. Long before his name started appearing on top of many best sellers lists, LaHaye had attended the conservative Bob Jones University and served in the U.S. military. He also was instrumental in the development of a Christian school system in your community.

Over time, LaHaye created himself as a writer of nonfiction. He’s authored more than 50 publications on numerous issues, including biblical prophecies, spiritual advancement, marriage, family, and nature. He also created a test to ascertain an individual ‘s temperamental make-up, or temperament. The outcomes are then designed to be useful for self improvement. In the 1970s, LaHaye became politically active. He helped create the Moral Majority along with his own wife, Jerry Falwell, another Baptist pastor, and many others in 1979. LaHaye continues to be regarded as a significant power on earth of conservative, fundamentalist politics.

LaHaye is regarded as a dispensational premillenialist-a individual who believes in a rigorous interpretation of the Bible’s Book of Revelation and the end times are coming shortly. According to this doctrine, those people who are true believers in Jesus Christ will soon be resurrected during what’s known as the Rapture. This is likely to occur sometime prior to the second coming of Christ.

This belief system figures prominently in a lot of LaHaye’s works of nonfiction as well as in the famous Left Behind series. LaHaye coauthored the show with Jerry Jenkins, a skilled fiction writer, which started in 1995. The very first novel, Left Behind, begins with all the Rapture and follows what happens to those that stay on Earth to confront what’s known as the Tribulation. The Tribulation is a amount of seven years when the world is ruled by the Antichrist. Throughout the span of the show, the planet is in shambles-catastrophes, disorders, as well as other terrifying events take place-and a little group emerges to fight the Antichrist and his forces.

At its beginning, the Left Behind series was sold primarily in Christian bookstores, but favorable word of mouth and powerful income of the first couple of titles helped get the interest of major bookstore chains and retailers. There’s a children’s version in addition to graphic novels on the basis of the show. A few of the publications have even been made into films for the home video marketplace.

The enormously successful show isn’t without its critics, nevertheless. Some consider the publications also advance LaHaye’s conservative goal using its not-so-veiled political allusions. And he’s shares many of today’s liberal or progressive perspectives. By organization, liberal political positions and causes are thus presented as evil. Regardless of the criticisms, the Left Behind series remains popular and LaHaye will continue focusing on prophecy-infused fiction for a long time. In 2002, he signed a four-novel, multimillion deal with Bantam Dell-some reports suggested the sum was somewhere near $45 million. He lives in southern California along with his wife Beverly.

Tim LaHaye Biography

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