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Theodosius II Biography

During his reign, the empire protected itself against strikes directed by Attila the Hun. Theodosius also manage a compilation of Roman laws. Constantinople was the seat of the Eastern Roman Empire (also called the Byzantine Empire) and Theodosius’s dad, Arcadius, was its emperor. Following Arcadius’s departure in 408, Theodosius became nominal leader of the empire.

As Theodosius was a kid when he became sole emperor, a prefect, Anthemius, was really in charge on day one of his reign. Only at that time, Theodosius was in the care of a eunuch who supervise his schooling. Anthemius ruled nicely, with efforts that contained constructing a property wall to shield Constantinople from invaders—though, as Theodosius was emperor when the wall was built, Theodosius received credit for the achievement.

In 414, Theodosius’s 16-year old sister, Pulcheria, took on the regency and started supervising Theodosius’s instruction. Following the regency stopped, Pulcheria, whose vow of perpetual virginity had helped her sidestep restrictions on girls, still kept a lot of sway over Theodosius. When the emperor was 20, Pulcheria even chosen a wife, Eudocia, for him.

Achievements during Theodosius’s reign range from the foundation of the University of Constantinople as well as the development of the Theodosian Code, that has been printed in 438 and codified all Roman laws that had been put into effect since 312. (One of Theodosius’s daughters, Eudoxia, would continue to wed Valentinian.)

In foreign affairs, Theodosius counterfeited a long lasting peace treaty with Persia. Nevertheless, and despite efforts at appeasement, Theodosius had not been in a position to prevent Attila the Hun’s strikes in his land. Theodosius was made to cover a sizeable homage to the Huns, a emptying monetary obligation for the empire.

Theodosius’s reign found both successes and failures, but Theodosius might not deserve exclusive credit, nor total blame, for them, as he was frequently carried by other people. Along with Pulcheria, who stayed an influential member of Theodosius’s court for much of her brother’s reign, a eunuch, Chrysaphius, got power in the 440s. Chrysaphius supplanted Pulcheria as Theodosius’s closest advisor until soon before Theodosius’s departure.

With no sons, Theodosius identified a senator, Marcian, as his heir. Marcian subsequently entered right into a chaste union with Pulcheria. Theodosius may have now been victim to the influence of others, however he nevertheless was able to end up being the longest-reigning Roman emperor. In a period when the Western Roman Empire’s land was breaking apart, the Eastern Roman Empire held together during Theodosius’s reign.

Theodosius II Biography

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