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Thelma Wright Biography

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Thelma Wright Biography:

Having a taste of accomplishment as well as the lure of easy money, Wright started transporting cocaine and heroin between Los Angeles and Philadelphia. But life in the game wasn’t what she bargained for. Disaster hit in August 1986, when Jackie Wright was killed; his body were located with a fatal gunshot wound to the head, rolled up in a carpet. “He took care of us, adored his son. If he was around, nothing could occur,” Thelma afterwards said of her husband, including, “People are presuming Jackie left me all this cash. Nope. I got this kid. I can not lay down and die, so we only restarted business as standard. Made lots of cash. Lots of cash.”

In the early 1990s, Philadelphia was a mecca of drug supply—mainly heroin and cocaine. Having a taste of accomplishment as well as the lure of easy money, Wright immediately took over her husband’s business. She ran a big organization that managed from Philadelphia, but had tentacles throughout America, managing the transfer of large amounts of cocaine and heroin between Los Angeles and Philadelphia. “It was about survival. It was around, you know, getting to a different level,” Wright after said.

It did not take long for Wright to begin seeing unbelievable gains from her work. “I made lots of cash. Lots of cash,” she said. “I can tell you I made lots of cash. You understand in The Godfather when they say, ‘It Is lots of cash because white powder’? It was lots of cash in that.” The amounts are congruent with Wright’s thoughts—she was making an estimated $400,000 in profit on a monthly basis. But life in the match had not been just what Wright had bargained for.

Less than two weeks afterwards, she dodged a bullet of some other sort: One of her longtime customers, a guy referred to as “Fats,” was picked up by authorities after he called the Post Office in regards to a bundle that had failed to arrive.

From the end of 1991, Wright had determined to leave the drug game behind for good. For a long time, she remained silent out of the public eye and kept quiet about her past. In 2009, she went to benefit a nonprofit organization, handling properties for girls coping with dependency and mental health problems. Wright determined to finally come clean in 2011 by releasing a memoir, With Eyes From Both Sides – Living My Life In and From the Sport.

“I ‘m a mom to some, I’m grandma to the children. It gives me a chance to see a few of the destruction behind matters that I’d done,” she said about her work lately. “When I go around and I talk to folks, I am letting them realize which you should keep far from this game. You are not likely to win. It’s a ‘no win.’ Two choices: death or jail. That is it. There is nothing else … Looking back on it now, I did what I did to live, to look after myself and my son. No. No, definitely not.”

Thelma Wright Biography

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