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Terence Winter Biography




He finally left the legal area becoming a writer for television. In 2000, Winter started working The Sopranos. He earned four Emmy Awards for his work with the show. In 2010, Winter debuted Boardwalk Empire, a fresh historic crime drama he created. He later composed the script for the Martin Scorsese movie The Wolf of Wall Street (2013).

Produced on October 2, 1960, in Brooklyn, Ny, writer and producer Terence Winter has worked on such leading television jobs as The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire, along with such movies as Wolf of Wall Street (2013). He attended New York University where he finished his bachelor’s degree in 1984.

While earning his law degree, Winter worked on Wall Street to get a period. This is a period where there was “lots of cocaine” and over the top behaviour. An employee of Merrill Lynch, Winter did not see much of the outrageous lifestyle, but he did watch the agents bringing in crazy sums of cash.

Winter eventually left his aspirations for monetary wealth to pursue composing. Employed as a writer and producer, Winter actually hit his stride with all the modern crime drama The Sopranos. The show starred James Gandolfini as a mob boss trying to sort out his own psychological and family issues.

Winter took a historic look at organized crime in his next job. As show creator, he developed Boardwalk Empire, a Prohibition era play set in Atlantic City. Steve Buscemi stars as Nucky Thompson, the occasionally disabled king of the town ‘s underworld. The show debuted in 2010 to mostly warm reviews. The Martin Scorsese movie is dependant on the memoir of the ill-famed stock fraud amount Jordan Belfort. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Belfort in the film, which has received several Academy Award nominations. Winter was nominated for his adapted screenplay.

Terence Winter Biography

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