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Ted Turner Biography

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Ted Turner Biography:

He started working for his dad’s firm, Turner Advertising and became president and CEO in 1963. He later renamed the firm the Turner Broadcasting Company and founded the first 24 hour cable news network, CNN, which debuted in 1980. Time Warner bought Turner Broadcasting for $7.5 billion in 1996.

He could be the oldest child of parents Robert Edward (Ed) Turner Jr. and Florence (Rooney) Turner. Ted’s dad owned his own business, Turner Advertising. The company was money-making; Ed brought in a large gain selling billboard advertising. Although Ed was an excellent supplier, he suffered from mood swings due to bipolar disorder and vented his rage by physically mistreating Ted. Years afterwards, as an adult, Ted would find he also was bipolar.

Following the war, Ed relocated the family to Savannah, Georgia, and registered his son in the Georgia Military Academy.

In 1950, Ted began attending McCallie, an elite boarding school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His program included military training, among Ted’s favourite areas. After finishing his class load at McCallie, Ted expected to join using the United States Naval Academy, but his dad insisted Ted apply to Harvard. Ted’s levels were not good enough for Harvard, so in 1956, he enrolled in Brown University rather. But before he could earn his diploma, Ted was kicked out for having a girl in his dorm room. It absolutely was 1959, the exact same year his parents divorced.

In 1960, Ted’s dad made him the manager of Turner Advertising’s Macon, Georgia, division. Ted swiftly revealed a natural ability for company by over doubling the office’s sales in his first year. When Turner’s dad bought out a competition in 1962, the expensive buyout and subsequent debt put the business in a tenuous financial condition. Dreading insolvency and fighting to deal with bipolar disorder, Ed shot himself to death in March of 1963. Ted coped with his grief by throwing himself into his work. By 1970 he’d attained the distinction of possessing the largest marketing business in the southeastern Usa. Turner eventually expanded into television, buying the rights to old pictures and situation comedies. The choice proved highly rewarding.

In 1976, Turner made a strategic move to reach an even bigger audience through using satellite technology. He rebranded once again, switching his institution’s name to Turner Broadcasting Company. Six years after it was in the black. In 1985, Turner used a few of his gains to purchase Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM). Additionally in the 1980s, Turner started coloring films but finally determined the price was impractical.

In 1992 he created the Cartoon Network as well as establishing Turner Network Television (TNT) and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). In 1996, with Turner Broadcasting a leader in the television and Internet businesses, Turner sold the business to Time Warner for $7.5 billion dollars. Following the amalgamation, Turner stayed on and ran the business’s cable networks, including Home Box Office (HBO). The next year Turner took a stab at a totally new business venture, a steakhouse serving buffalo, called Ted’s Montana Grill.

Within the span of his successful career in broadcast, Ted Turner wed and divorced three times. His most well-known union was his third, to performer and activist Jane Fonda. The star couple married in 1991 and divorced a decade after over a disagreement on religious beliefs.

Ted Turner Biography

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