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Edwin S. Porter Biography

In 1897, he devised the Beadnell film projector. He afterwards invested in his own movie gear firm, but the 1929 stock market crash put him out of business. In the 1930s he worked on home movie cameras. He expired on April 3, 1941, in NYC. The son of a furniture ...

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Paris Hilton Biography

Paris Hilton – In the early 2000s, she abruptly sky rocketed to popularity with Nicole Richie in their reality TV hit “The Simple Life.” Paris Hilton was born on February 17, 1981, in Nyc. The hotel heiress captured the media’s focus following the launch of a sex tape in 2003. ...

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Charles Hamilton Biography

Produced In 1914, in Ludington, Michigan, Charles Hamilton studied English literature and served in the military before making a car dealer from his love — gathering renowned autographs. He also became a sought after handwriting expert, in a position to check the works of Shakespeare and that the Hitler diaries ...

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Billie Burke Biography

A active character performer for decades next movie, Burke died in California in 1970. The daughter of a circus clown, Burke was immersed in show business from her first years. She made her stage debut in 1902, performing as a vocalist in London’s Pavilion Music Hall. Standing out with her reddish ...

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