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Myles Horton Biography

Despite strikes, the association made steps in labour organizing and Civil Rights Movement work, actively opposing segregation. A great believer in free thought, Horton expired on January 19, 1990. Though growing up with small financial resources, Horton was educated by his parents to value others in his community in addition to ...

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Mother Pollard Biography

Mother Pollard was part of the African American community in Montgomery, Alabama, through the start of historical 1950s bus boycotts. Despite her advanced years, she refused to take the bus and was determined that she’d walk to see change occur, making the statement, “My feets is tired, but my soul ...

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Jo Ann Robinson Biography

After earning a master’s degree, she moved to Montgomery, Alabama, to instruct at Alabama State College. She directed an effective city bus boycott that got national interest as well as the support of Martin Luther King Jr. Following her dad’s passing, 6-year old Jo Ann and her family relocated to Macon. ...

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Vernons John Biography

Succeeded by Martin Luther King Jr., Johns died on April 11, 1965. Vernon Napoleon Johnswas produced in Darlington Heights, part of Prince Edward County, Virginia, on April 22, 1892, having a sophisticated multiracial family history. Johns worked on the farm growing up and was a voracious reader and student of Western ...

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Ella Baker Biography

She formed the Young Negroes Cooperative League in Nyc, and afterwards became a national manager for the NAACP. She also worked together with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee to support civil rights activism on college campuses. Baker died in Nyc in 1986. She grew up in rural North Carolina. Baker was ...

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