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Lorenz Hart Biography

Produced in Nyc on May 2, 1895, Lorenz Hart is famous for his cooperation with Richard Rodgers, including “My Funny Valentine” and “Blue Moon.” Hart played an instrumental part in the American musical along with his raw, haunting and intellectual lyrics. He died in Nyc on November 22, 1943. Nicknamed Larry, ...

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Marty Stuart Biography

He shortly have solo success in addition to successes performing with other country musicians, including Travis Tritt and Willie Nelson. He’s received multiple Grammy Awards for his work. Musician, vocalist, songwriter. Produced on September 30, 1958, in Philadelphia, Mississippi. He became this kind of robust musician he turned professional in ...

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Bob Hope Biography

Bob Hope – The USO (TV14; 0:54) View a brief video about Bob Hope and the creation of the USO. Produced in 1903, Bob Hope proved to be a British-born American entertainer and comic performer known for his rapid fire delivery of jokes and one liners, in addition to his ...

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