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Kim Novak Biography

She made her screen debut in The French Line, subsequently starred in The Pushover, and shortly became a top box office draw of the 1950s — possibly the last of the ‘sex goddesses’ created by the Hollywood star system. Her movies include The Man With The Golden Arm, Vertigo and ...

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James Farmer Biography

Produced on January 12, 1920, in Marshall, Texas, James Farmer was a star school debater before going to head the Congress for Racial Equality, which will become among the very obvious organizations of the Civil Rights era. A devotee of Gandhi’s nonviolent strategies, Farmer also formed the historical Freedom Rides, ...

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Ann Romney Biography

Ann Romney was born in Detroit, Michigan, on April 16, 1949, and raised with a rich family in Bloomfield Hills. She attended an all-girls private elementary school, went on to high school and after that enrolled at Brigham Young University. The next year, she converted to the Church of Jesus ...

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