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David Foster Wallace Biography

Critics found Wallace’s compact composing both exhilarating and maddening, and his style and virtuosity drew comparisons to Thomas Pynchon and Don DeLillo. Wallace’s lifelong battle with melancholy came to a conclusion in September 2008, when he committed suicide. David Foster Wallace was born on February 21, 1962, in Ithaca, ny. ...

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Barry White Biography

Barry White was born September 12, 1944, and grew up in La. White’s distinctive deep voice and raunchy lyrics made him an icon of hot soul. Vocalist, songwriter. BornBarry Eugene Carteron September 12, 1944 in Galveston,Texas. White was raised in La, where he immersed himself in the neighborhood music culture ...

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Chuck Hagel Biography

From 1971 to 1977 he worked for Representative John McCollister as well as in 1981 was named deputy administrator of the Veterans Administration. In the mid-1980s, Chuck cofounded Vanguard Cellular Systems. Chuck was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1996 and reelected in 2002, retiring in 2008. In January of ...

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Daniel Ortega Biography

Produced on November 11, 1945 in La Libertad, Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega was a guerrilla leader planning to overthrow the regime of dictator Anastasio Somoza . In 2007 he recovered the presidency and was elected again four years later. His dad was a veteran of the peasant military founded by the ...

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