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Rudolph Valentino Biography

Rudolph Valentino, produced on May 6, 1895, was an Italian-American film actor. His star status was apparent after his sudden death in 1926 at only 31 years old, the performer suffered a ruptured ulcer, causing fans to grieve world-wide. He attended military school, however he was rejected in the service. In ...

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Oscar Hammerstein I Biography

After moving to Nyc and making a lot of money in the cigar business, in 1889 he invested in the building of the Harlem Opera House. In 1895 he constructed the Olympia Theater. He expired on August 1, 1919, in NYC. His parents’ oldest son, Hammerstein belonged to some large, ...

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J. Edgar Hoover Biography

Produced on January 1, 1895, in Washington, D.C., J. Edgar Hoover was the longtime manager of the FBI (1924 1972) and spent much of his livelihood collecting intelligence on extreme groups and people and “subversives,” Martin Luther King Jr. being one of his favourite goals. Manager of the Federal Bureau ...

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