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Anna Harrison Biography

Anna Harrison was born on July 25th, 1775 near Morristown, New Jersey. Despite her dad’s disapproval, she secretly wed William Henry Harrison in 1795. The couple had ten children, five of whom died early in life. Anna became First Lady in 1841 when her husband was elected the 9th President ...

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Emmy Rossum Biography

Produced on September 12, 1986, celebrity Emmy Rossum spent her youth singing at Nyc ‘s Metropolitan Opera. By age 11, she was on television, and by youth, in pictures. Her encore to the musical was taking on an edgier, more alluring character on the TV series Shameless. Produced in Nyc ...

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Percy Sutton Biography

Produced in Texas in 1920, Percy Sutton became one of America’s best known attorneys in the 1950s and ’60s, signifying controversial figures like Malcolm X. He became the highest-ranking African American elected official in Nyc in 1966, when he won election as president of the town ‘s Manhattan borough, serving ...

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