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Olivia de Havilland Biography

Olivia de Havilland was born on July 1, 1916 in Tokyo, Japan. She signed with Warner Brothers in 1935 as well as in 1939 appeared as Melanie in Gone with the Wind. The character got her acknowledgement and she went to win Academy Awards for the movies To Each His ...

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Joel Rifkin Biography

Joel Rifkin (created January 20, 1959) was obsessed with Hitchcock’s Frenzy as a young adult and started using hookers often. In 1989, he killed his first girl. He lost the bodies of his victims so that they couldn’t be identified. In June 1993, Rifkin was pulled over from the police ...

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Anthony Hopkins Biography

Understood to get various jobs including The Dawning to The Remains of the Day to Amistad, Hopkins continues to be nominated for many Oscars, winning for The Silence of the Lambs. His more fantastical work contains Titus, The Mask of Zorro and Thor. His early years in Wales and education ...

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