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Akon Biography

He lived in Senegal, West Africa, as a kid and attended high school in America. He’s also faced controversy due to his exaggerated criminal history and his occasional provocative conduct on stage. Akon’s mom, Kine Thiam, is a dancer; his dad, Mor Thiam, is a well known jazz percussionist. Thanks ...

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Johan Cruyff Biography

Johan Cruyff was born on April 25, 1947, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sportsman Hendrik Johannes Cruyff was born on April 25, 1947, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Growing up close to the arena of AFC Ajax, the neighborhood soccer club, the child grabbed the focus of team officials and joined its youth division at ...

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Jane Goodall Biography

She’s an extremely honored person in the world scientific community and is a staunch supporter of environmental preservation. Alongside her sister, Judy, Goodall was raised in London and Bournemouth, England. Her fascination with animal behaviour started in early childhood. From an early age, she dreamed of traveling to Africa to find ...

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Winnie Mandela Biography

She was reelected to Parliament in 1999, but stepped down in 2003, under a new fiscal scandal. South Africa was below the system called apartheid, where citizens of native African ancestry were subjected to some severe caste system in which European descendants loved substantially higher rates of wealth, wellbeing and social ...

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Brooke Astor Biography

They divorced in 1930, and two years afterwards, Astor married Charles H. Marshall. Throughout the length of the marriage, she worked as an editor at House and Garden magazine. Marshall died in 1952. Astor wed her third husband, Vincent Astor, in 1953. After Vincent’s departure in 1959, she ran the ...

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Mary Leakey Biography

Mary Leakey – Sources of World (TV14; 1:31) Mary Leakey’s discovery of early human fossils helped scientists to further understand the sources of mankind. She married Louis Leakey as well as the pair soon became one of science’s best known husband-wife teams. Mary continued working after her husband’s departure. Mary ...

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