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Edwin Booth Biography

Edwin Booth came to be on November 13, 1833, near Bel Air, Maryland. Like his dad and brothers, Booth became a Shakespearean performer, touring the Us and Europe. Following the assassination, Edwin Booth handled his own place, Booth’s Theatre, in Manhattan. He died in Nyc on June 7, 1893. Booth first ...

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John Nicolay Biography

He moved to America along with his family at age 5, and worked in an area Illinois paper growing up. Nicolay went to serve as secretary to President Abraham Lincoln. His family first moved to Indiana, then to Ohio, and eventually settled in Pike County, Illinois. Nicolay’s dad and brothers worked ...

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Patrick Henry Biography

Henry was an influential leader in the extreme resistance to the British government, but simply accepted the new federal government following the passage of the Bill of Rights, that he was in great measure responsible. With his powerful and enthusiastic addresses, famous patriot Patrick Henry helped kickstart the American Revolution. ...

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