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Sundance Kid Biography

American offender Sundance Kid, initially named Harry Longabaugh, was created in 1867 in Mont Clare, Pennsylvania. At age 15, he headed west and received his nickname when was detained for stealing a horse in Sundance, Wyoming. Following several years in jail, Sundance Kid restarted a career in crime, robbing trains and banks. Historians differ on his departure with some mentioning a shootout in Bolivia on November 3, 1908 while others indicate he returned to the U.S. under the name William Long and resided there until 1936.

Harry Alonzo Longabaugh was born in 1870 in Mont Clare, Pennsylvania. Longabaugh was only 15 when he left home permanently. He took his nickname in the Wyoming town of Sundance, where he was detained for the only time in his life after stealing a horse. For the offense, Sundance served almost two years in jail. Upon his release in 1889, he tried to produce an honest life for himself as a cowboy.

Sundance Kid Biography

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