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Steve-O Biography

Full nameStephen Gilchrist Glover
Know asStephen Gilchrist Glover, Steve-O, Ryan Dunn, Glover, Stephen Gilchrist
Birth placeWimbledon, London, England, UK
Birth date1974-06-13
Age45 years, 9 month, 8 days
Star signGemini
OccupationStunt performer, television personality, comedian, actor, musician, rapper, author
Height5' 10" (1.78 m)

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Stephen Gilchrist Glover Biography:

SteveO’s on camera antics with Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass team have entertained crowds for the previous 10 years and counting.

The son of a business executive, Steveo moved around a lot as a child. He lived in England, Brazil as well as America before he reached high school. Being forced to start over in new schools often directed Steveo to become a course joker of forms to get attention and win approval. Before long, he began chronicling a few of his actions.

Using his dad’s video camera, Steveo filmed his skateboarding antics. “Soon it dawned on me I was not that amazing at skateboarding. Therefore I put down the skateboard and simply kept going with all the camera.” He continued to record his attempts throughout his school years.

In 1997, Steveo graduated from clown school and ended up working to get a flea market circus. He filmed a few of his stunts in now and sent out videos of his work. The show, called Jackass, debuted on MTV in 2000 and featured a number of young men achieving excessive, and sometimes debilitating, efforts.

SteveO took his crazy stunts on the highway in 2002 for his Do Not Try This at Home tour. The exact same year, he appeared in the very first of several Jackass movies. SteveO had developed enough of a following only at that time to star in his own Jackass spinoff. The show lasted for four seasons.

By 2006, nevertheless, Steveo appeared to be fighting both personally and professionally. Away-screen, Steveo appeared to be unraveling. He had a critical substance abuse issue and ended up getting detained in 2008 for cocaine possession. After pleading guilty to the charge, Steveo avoided a jail term by entering rehabilitation. He also had such extreme emotional issues that his buddies ran an intervention to get him into treatment. SteveO spent time in a mental health facility.

From the next year, Steveo had pulled himself together. He took on a fresh type of challenge by appearing on the success star program Dancing with the Stars. Despite having no previous dancing experience, Steveo were able to remain in the competition for six weeks. He also shared the dreary days of his habit and his battle for sobriety in the MTV documentary Steveo: Death and Rise, which aired in 2009.

SteveO joined Johnny Knoxville as well as other gay pranksters for Jackass 3D (2010), the most recent episode in the most popular film series. As well as making movie and television appearances, he’s began performing stand-up comedy. SteveO has gotten his action all over the world. In June 2011, Steveo opened up about his life experiences in the novel Professional Idiot: A Memoir.

Steve-O Biography

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