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Steve Irwin Biography

Full nameStephen Robert Irwin
Know asStephen Robert Irwin, Steve Irwin, Irwin, Stephen Robert
Birth placeEssendon, Victoria, Australia
Birth date1962-02-22
Lived44 years, 6 month, 10 days
Height5' 11" (1.8 m)
SpouseTerri Irwin
ChildrenRobert Clarence Irwin
ParentsLyn Irwin

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Stephen Robert Irwin Biography:

Irwin’s work spawned an variety of products tie ins.

While he’d no scientific degree, he grew up studying and caring for creatures at his parents’ wildlife park, which will be now called the Australia Zoo. He first learned the best way to capture and manage his precious crocodiles from his dad as soon as received a python as a birthday present.

Irwin met American-created Terri Raines, who in was in Australia on holiday, in 1991. The couple later married and spent part of the honeymoon filming crocodiles. This footage became part of the 1992 Australian TV show The Crocodile Hunter. Four years after, the show was picked up from the American cable network Animal Planet. In the pinnacle of its own popularity, the show aired in more than 200 nations.

Crowds were frequently spellbound by Irwin’s dangerous encounters with creatures on the show. He believed nothing of tangling with lethal snakes, spiders, lizards, and, obviously, crocodiles. Along with his hair raising experiences, Irwin considered himself a wildlife teacher, sharing his wisdom and excitement for creatures along with his audience.

Constantly in his trademark khaki shirt and short pants, Irwin became a well known figure in popular culture. There have already been innumerable parodies and spoofs of the famous adventurer—even The Simpsons and South Park featured sendups of Irwin. He was not afraid to poke fun at his picture as an dynamic naturalist and showman. Irwin appeared as himself in the 2001 movie Dr. Dolittle 2 with Eddie Murphy. The next year, Irwin and his wife starred in their very own movie, The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course.

Irwin sometimes drew criticism for his stunts. Some said he was using the creatures that appeared on his shows. Irwin was never charged in regard to the event and said that his son was never in harm’s way. He’d grown up in a zoo setting, and desired the exact same experience because of his son and his daughter, Bindi Sue.

On September 4, 2006, Irwin was filming a brand new program off the shore of Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia. Snorkeling near a stingray, he was pierced in the torso by its own barb, which strike his heart. Irwin died of cardiac arrest soon after being stuck.

Stunned by the news of his sudden death, individuals across the world mourned his passing. Many left flowers and notes in the Australia Zoo, which he along with his wife ran, taking over for his parents. Others posted messages expressing their despair online. Wildlife specialists, including Jack Hanna, noted that Irwin was a great conservationist.

Steve Irwin Biography

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