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Stephen Marley Biography

Full nameDerby, England, UK

Derby, England, UK sources


Derby, England, UK Biography:

Stephen formed the group Melody Makers with his sibs Sharon, Cedella and Ziggy before the group’s name changed to Ziggy Marley as well as the Music Makers. The musical Marley family has discovered success in the music business, with Stephen having won five Grammys for his work.

Vocalist, songwriter, musician and producer was created on April 20, 1972, in Wilmington, Delaware.

He’s got an older sister Cedella and an elderly brother David “Ziggy” along with an old half sister Sharon from his mom’s previous relationship. Not long after his arrival, two new half brothers, Robert and Rohan, arrived from two of his dad’s relationships beyond his marriage to Rita. His dad had several more kids with other girls, including Damian “Gong Jr.” Julian, and Ky-Mani Marley. While his mom might not have already been thrilled with all the scenario, all the kids understood each other nicely growing up.

With Sharon, Cedella and Ziggy, he recorded his first tune, “Kids Playing in the Streets,” in 1979. Written by their dad, the single addressed the terrible poverty that lots of kids in Jamaica were living in. Royalties in the song were given to the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Stephen Marley Biography

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