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Sarah Thomas Biography

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Sarah Thomas Biography:

Sarah Thomas was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi, in 1973. She played basketball in school and needed to remain involved in sports after graduating. Her ability as a referee brought her to the eye of college football as well as the National Football League. In 2013, Thomas was a finalist to be a game official for the NFL.

After she’d been with that team for a couple of years, a pastor said Thomas could not continue playing. She lost being involved with sports, so when her brother visited a meeting of the Gulf Coast Football Officials Association in 1996, she chose to join him. Although she failed to understand a great deal regarding the rules for football, she was interested in the method and shortly started officiating.

Thomas studied and worked her way upward in officiating, arriving in the high school degree in 1999. In 2006, she made a decision to step from refereeing so that you can concentrate on her profession and her growing family. Nevertheless, Thomas’s skills had recently been discovered by scouts in the field.¬†Conference USA hired Thomas in 2007. Since that time, she’s continued to move up the rankings. She became the very first woman to officiate a bowl game in 2009.

Thomas’s power to keep cool while managing players, trainers and supporters, along with her power to make tough calls, also impressed the National Football League. Thomas is presently among the development plan’s finalists. What this means is that if there’s an officiating vacancy in the NFL, she’d automatically be in competition for the occupation. There’ll be an opening through the 2014 season.

If Thomas is chosen, she’d function as the first long-term female game official in the NFL. Nevertheless, she’d not be the very first woman to referee an NFL match. In the year 2012, when a labour dispute resulted in a lockout of official referees, Shannon Eastin served as a replacement referee. Thomas–already section of the NFL’s training program in the time failed to cross the picket line.¬†Along with her football officiating work, Thomas has a position as a pharmaceutical representative and is married with three kids. Although she’s got plenty of media interest about her NFL possibility, Thomas has chosen it in stride. In 2013, she said, “I did not set out to be the first or a leader, but I ‘ll adopt it, if that does occur.”

Sarah Thomas Biography

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