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Sarah Josepha Hale Biography

Full nameSarah Josepha Hale
Know asSarah Josepha Hale, Hale, Sarah Josepha
Birth date1788-10-24
Lived90 years, 6 month, 6 days
OccupationPoet, editor, author

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Sarah Josepha Hale Biography:

Sarah J. Hale was born in 1788 in Newport, New Hampshire,going on to work in releasing after the deathof her husband in 1822. She was likewise an ardent supporter of girls receiving an instruction and became known as the Mother of Thanksgiving for her drive to help make the party a national holiday. She expired on April 30, 1879.

Sarah Josepha Buell was born on October 24, 1788 in Newport, New Hampshire. She wed attorney David Hale in 1813, as well as the couple went to have five kids. David died of a stroke in 1822, and, after working in the millinery trade to get a limited time, Sarah embarked on a job as a writer and editor to support her family. She went on to anonymously write the 1823 publication The Genius of Oblivion and Other Original Poems, and several years after released the novel Northwood: A Tale of New England (1827).

Near the end of the decade, Hale took on a post as editor of Ladies’ Magazine, afterwards called American Ladies’ Magazine. She did a majority of the writing for the publication while also relying on different contributors for initial content, though in 1837 the magazine was obtained by Louis Godey. The publication would eventually have a circulation of 150,000 and released the work of leading scribes like Harriet Beecher Stowe, Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne.¬†Hale had also worked with youth teachers and written Poems for Our Kids (1830), which contained the poem “Mary’s Lamb,” after becoming broadly called “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

Hale was a staunch proponent of schooling for girls as well as women, pushing for entry into professions like teaching and eventually medicine. She helped create the Troy Female Seminary and finance Vassar College and campaigned for girls to join the association’s faculty. But Hale failed to support suffrage along with the feminist call for equal use of an extensive variety of work and failed to take up abolitionist causes with other girls reformers, though she took an anti-slavery position in Northwood.

Hale has additionally been called by some the Mom or Godmother of Thanksgiving as she ardently pushed for some time to get the day acknowledged as a national holiday. Thanksgiving was often celebrated by various parts of the united states, although not in a specially coordinated manner. The president followed suit, finally resulting in a set time of yearly party through the years. She expired on April 30, 1879 in Philadelphia.

Sarah Josepha Hale Biography

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