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Sam Sheppard Biography

Full nameSamuel Holmes Sheppard
Know asSam Sheppard
Birth date1923-12-29
Lived46 years, 3 month, 8 days
OccupationOsteopathic physician, professional wrestler
SpouseMarilyn Reesemurdered, Ariane Tebbenjohanns (divorced), Colleen Strickland
ChildrenSam Reese "Chip" Sheppard

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Samuel Holmes Sheppard Biography:

In 1954, Sheppard’s wife Marilyn was found killed inside their house. A jury convicted him of homicide and sentenced him to life in prison. Sheppard proclaimed his innocence, as well as in 1964 he was released from penitentiary. The courts reinstated his conviction, as well as a retrial in 1965 found Sheppard not guilty. Later, Sheppard turned to booze and died of liver failure on April 6, 1970. The Fugitive TV series in 1963 and film in 1993 are allegedly based on Sheppard’s case. Murder defendant and physician Sam Sheppard was born in 1923 in Cleveland, Ohio. Sheppard married his high school love, Marilyn. The homicide would start among the longest-running court cases in usa history.

During the 1954 trial, Sheppard promised that after he fell upon his wife’s own body, he was hit on the head twice and knocked out with a bushy haired assailant. But after authorities did not uncover evidence of a break in and Sheppard’s extramarital relationship was exposed, he became the investigation’s prime suspect. Though Sheppard’s lawyer claimed that prejudicial publicity had made a fair trial hopeless, his appeal was refused. A federal appeals court shortly reinstated his conviction, and Shepard was faced with a different trial.

Upon his release, Sheppard shortly turned to alcohol to relieve his suffering, and his life immediately headed down. Sheppard expired on April 6, 1970 from liver failure. After his departure, his furious son, also named Sam, was discovered to get the true killer. His focus turned to Richard Eberling, the Sheppard’s window washer at period of the homicide. Eberling was in prison and started composing letters to Sam, asserting that Marilyn Sheppard were killed by Esther Houk, who’d found Marilyn was having an affair together with her husband.

Despite these claims, Eberling himself became a defendant when modern testing of DNA in the crime scene pointed to him. Sam brought a civil suit from the state to hold his dad innocent, instead of just not guilty, but on January 31, 2000, the jury found the eld Sheppard not innocent. To this very day, the crime remains unsolved. In 1993, The Fugitive was made into a hit film starring Harrison Ford.

Sam Sheppard Biography

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