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Rob Ford Biography

Full nameRobert Bruce Ford
Know asRob Ford, Ford, Rob, Phillip Trueman
Birth date1969-05-28
Age50 years, 10 month, 4 days
SpouseToronto municipal election, 2000

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Robert Bruce Ford Biography:

It was not long before scandals started to appear. Despite on-going events, Ford was elected Toronto’s mayor in October 2010, but inebriated antics shortly followed. His accurate undoing started in 2013, when reports surfaced that Ford was covertly recorded smoking crack cocaine. While the record had not been released freely, that scandal, and others, finally led to Ford’s taking a leave of absence in May 2014. Ford completed a two-month stint in rehabilitation in the conclusion of June and has has since vowed to create a political comeback. Ford attended Ottawa’s Carleton University and York University’s Atkinson College, although he did not graduate from either.

Ford himself served in this job for a decade, but the scandals that could harass Ford’s later political career started to appear in 2006, when he was ejected from a Maple Leafs hockey match for drunken, belligerent behaviour. Ford afterwards asserted he had not been in attendance for that one game but afterwards confessed to being there and to the event. The occasion would mark a working characteristic of Ford’s entanglements: he had find himself in trouble, lie about it, so when the truth came to light, he had later confess to everything.

Somehow in a position to beat every old scandal, Ford’s 2010 run for Toronto mayor was nearly derailed when a DUI from a decade before came to light. Following his pattern of deflection, Ford had lied concerning the event. Calls to the police regarding Ford were apparently routine events.

The next year, Ford was covertly recorded smoking crack, as well as in May 2013 media reports came out together with the report. The video itself has never been released through any media stations, although cops and prosecutors, among others in the legal world, have seen it. Ford at first denied smoking crack but afterwards acknowledged it. Despite his entrance, Ford refused to step down from his place. “Yes, I’ve smoked crack cocaine.Am I an addict? No. Have Ford attempted it? Um, likely in one of my drunken stupors.” Rob Ford

Himself instantly took a leave of absence to get professional help. By May, Ford supposedly tried to enter the United States but was turned away. Himself subsequently enteredGreeneStone, a rehabilitation facility in Bala, Ontario, where he spent the following two months. Soliciting forgiveness and claiming responsibility for his previous indiscretions, Ford entered the race for Toronto’s October mayoral elections, despite on-going calls for his resignation.

In September 2014, Ford was identified as having a tumour on his abdomen. Results of a biopsy and additional prognosis are pending to date. Himself afterwards pulled away in the mayoral racebut selected to run for a council seat instead and won. In October, Ford began a fresh round ofchemotherapy for his cancer.

Rob Ford Biography

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