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Raymond Fernandez Biography

Full nameRaymund George Fernandez

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Raymund George Fernandez Biography:

Raymond Fernandez sustained a head injury while serving in the Second World War, an accident which is supposed to lead to his disturbed behaviour. He set personal ads in papers, seducing and robbing girls that replied. He met Martha Beck in this way as well as the two started tricking girls collectively, finally perpetrating a variety of homicides.

Killer. While there, he married a local girl named Encarnacion Robles, subsequently left to served as a merchant marine during the Second World War. Following the war, while traveling to America to find work, an injury aboard the boat caused a debile skull break. Fernandez stayed in the hospital for three months and issued another guy; the harm to his frontal lobe had caused a character transformation.

Soon after Fernandez’s release in the hospital, a petty theft landed him in prison. Among his cellmates, a Haitian man, presented Fernandez to the custom of voodoo as well as the shadowy world of the occult. Upon his release in 1946, considering he’s mastered the voodoo craft of sexual enticement, Fernandez started composing tons of letters to girls in lonely hearts clubs. After getting their trust, he’d steal cash, jewelry, as well as other things, then vanish. The casualties were often too embarrassed to report him to law enforcement, and he managed to work the scam over and over. The game turned deadly when a whirlwind love affair and marriage to Jane Lucilla Thompson finished with Thompson deceased in her Spanish hotel room of unknown causes. Together with the casualty’s counterfeited will in hand, Fernandez took possession of her flat and most of the furnishings.

They met for the very first time in December 1947 in Florida, and then she seen him in Nyc. Fernandez attempted to terminate the relationship, but after Beck was unexpectedly fired from her job, she showed up along with her two kids on Fernandez’s doorsill. He consented to let her to stay if she got rid of her children, so she left them in the Salvation Army.

Fernandez subsequently shown his company of conning girls. He even confessed to wedding a few of them and to having a valid wife and kids in Spain. Despite these revelations, Beck, who’d spent her life unloved and unwanted, was given to him. Generally they stole cash and looted their victims’ houses, and sent them on their way. But Beck could not manage sharing Fernandez with other girls, no matter how fictitious the relationships were. Their very first murder victim was Janet Fay and others followed, for instance, young baby daughter of among the girls. Fernandez died at age 36 by electrocution at Sing Sing prison in Ossining, Ny on March 8, 1951.

Raymond Fernandez Biography

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