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Ray Manzarek Biography

Full nameRaymond Daniel Manczarek Jr.
Know asRay Manzarek, Manzarek, Raymond Daniel, Jr.
Birth placeChicago, Illinois, U.S.
Birth date1939-02-12
Lived74 years, 3 month, 8 days
Star signAquarius
OccupationMusician, songwriter, filmmaker
Height6' 0½" (1.84 m)

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Raymond Daniel Manczarek Jr. Biography:

The Doors split up shortly following the departure of lead singer Jim Morrison, but Manzarek continued to act as an effective musician, producer and writer. Manzarek perished in Rosenheim, Germany, on May 20, 2013, in the age of 74.

He trained as a classical organist and pianist during his youth.

In 1965, Manzarek occurred to run into fellow UCLA student Jim Morrison on a beach in Venice, California. After hearing some of Morrison’s poetic song lyrics, Manzarek proposed that they form a group. Lead singer Morrison and keyboardist Manzarek were shortly joined by guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore. Collectively, the four guys made up the Doors. Each member brought something unique to the group, with Manzarek offering his strong keyboard abilities and ancient, blues and jazz influences.

The musical universe of the 1960s was filled with groups who wished to speak for the counterculture, but the Doors struck a chord. The Doors were signed to Elektra Records in 1966 and released their very first record the next year.

The Doors had recorded six successful records before Morrison died in Paris, France, in 1971. After Morrison’s departure, Manzarek took over as vocalist. The group put out two more records, but, as Manzarek described, “[It] was not the Doors without Morrison.” The residual members split up in 1973.

Following the Doors broke up, Manzarek remained in the music business. Along with putting out solo albums, he formed the group Nite City.

In 2002, Manzarek started touring with Doors guitarist Krieger, resulting in a legal fight with Densmore about their rights to make use of the group’s name (the final name the two performed under was Manzarek Krieger). On the other hand, the dispute with Densmore did not keep the three remaining Doors members from recording together afterwards, as they worked on “Breakin’ a Sweat” with electronic musician Skrillex.

Along with music, Manzarek written an autobiography, Light My Fire: My Life with The Doors, in 1998. He also wrote two novels that have been printed in the 2000s.

On May 20, 2013, after fighting bile duct cancer for a long time, Manzarek expired in the age of 74 in a practice in Rosenheim, Germany.

Though his life was filled using numerous other achievements, Manzarek is best called an associate of among the very most successful groups the world has ever seen. The Doors have sold over 100 million records worldwide, been immortalized in an Oliver Stone movie and been inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Being a real portion of a success such as the Doors is something few musicians get the opportunity to expertise, and Manzarek was proud of the heritage.

Ray Manzarek Biography

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