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Prince Philip Biography




Prince Philip was born on the isle of Corfu in Greece, on June 10, 1921. An associate of the Greek and Danish royal families, Philip and his family were banished from Greece when Philip was youthful, later residing in France, Germany and Britain. Their kids, including Prince Charles, make use of the surname Mountbatten-Windsor. He’s four older sisters: Cecilie, Sophie, Margarita and Theodora.

While not British, Philip does have family ties to England. Soon after his arrival, his maternal grandfather, Prince Louis of Hattenberg, expired in London. Philip can also be associated with the British royal family through Queen Victoria. On September 22, 1922, Philip’s uncle, King Constantine I of Greece, was made to abdicate the throne. The military authorities detained Prince Andrew and executed the commander of the army and five senior politicians. Philip’s family went to France, where they settled in the Paris suburb of Saint Cloud.

Philip was taught at an American school in Paris. In 1928, he was sent to Great Britain to attend the Cheam School. In 1933, he relocated into a school in Germany, going again into a school in Scotland following the growth of the Nazi party. A lot of his family members stayed in Germany, including his sisters, who married into German aristocratic groups. After graduating in 1939, Philip attended the Royal Naval College, where he shone. During the Second World War, he served in the British Navy, while two of his brothers in law fought to the opposing Axis side of the battle.

Prince Philip Biography