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Prince Albert Biography

Full nameAlbert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi
Birth placePrince's Palace, Monaco
Birth date1958-3-14
Age62 years, 2 month, 9 days
Star signPisces

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Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi Biography:

Prince Albert was born in Bavaria, becoming the prince consort of Great Britain and Ireland upon his marriage to Queen Victoria. He served as the queen’s trusted advisor, and he had a hand in both internal and international matters, improving societal problems in britain, masterminding the Great Exhibition of 1851, and helping England prevent war together with the Usa. He died in the age of 42 from typhoid fever.

He was the younger son of the duke of Saxe Coburg Gotha, who divorced Albert’s mom on grounds of infidelity when Albert was 7 years old. Albert attended the University of Bonn in Germany, as well as in 1840, when he was 20, he married his cousin, Queen Victoria, who’d inherited the throne of England only several years before. She’d proposed on October 15, 1839, and they were wed on February 10, 1840.

Albert’s new job was functioning as prince consort of Great Britain and Ireland, which meant he had wed a sitting queen but had no actual power of his own. So, shortly after their marriage, Prince Albert basically became Victoria’s private secretary and advisor, and Victoria tended to pay attention to his advice, which turned out to be levelheaded and sage. The spot of prince consort is a tough one, however he wielded his sway with grace, discretion and wisdom, and when the people turned on him, that they inexplicably frequently did, he’d an extremely joyful union to fall back on. He and Victoria created nine kids and 42 grandchildren.

It wasn’t until after his departure, actually, that he was valued for what he brought to the Crown as well as the nation. In dispensing guidance, Prince Albert supported Victoria to take a larger interest in social welfare matters, including child labor, and proposed she favor a position of political neutrality (which she did, left her Whig ties). The queen became a hardworking representative for her people and nation, prodded on by Albert’s excitement. Worldwide, Prince Albert directed the queen through disputes with Prussia (in 1856) and America (in 1861).

Prince Albert Biography

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