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Peter III Biography

Full nameMárcio Augusto

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Márcio Augusto Biography:

Peter III was emperor of Russia to get a just six months in 1762. His wife, Catherine the Great, imagined he was place to divorce her and conspired with her lover to overthrow him. He was later assassinated on July 17, 1762, in Ropsha, Russia.Peter III was born Karl Peter Ulrich on February 21, 1728, in Kiel, in the duchy of Schleswig Holstein in northern Germany. Karl’s parents died when he was young, and he was put into the care of coaches and officials in the Holstein court, who prepared him for the Swedish throne.

Karl was cruelly raised by his mentors and penalized for being a poor student. Though he showed interest in the artwork, he neglected almost every academic area. He adored military parades and dreamed of being a true world-renowned military warrior. Peter resented living in Russia and frequently whined the Russian people would not tolerate him.

Peter III Biography

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