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Percy Sutton Biography




Produced in Texas in 1920, Percy Sutton became one of America’s best known attorneys in the 1950s and ’60s, signifying controversial figures like Malcolm X. He became the highest-ranking African American elected official in Nyc in 1966, when he won election as president of the town ‘s Manhattan borough, serving until 1977. Sutton was especially powerful as the leader of the Harlem Clubhouse, which ruled 1960s Harlem politics.

Lillian was also a full time teacher. All of the kids were given chores on the farm, in addition with their studies. Percy was responsible for milking the cows, commonly accompanying his father on trips to supply milk to the poor. He also helped his dad in his steps toward equality, helping teach others about racism. His attempts made him the goal of officer and, in the age of 13, he was defeated by members of the area law enforcement for passing out NAACP leaflets in a all-white area. Instead of discouraging him, this event would later fuel his need to earn equality for many races.

Percy Sutton Biography