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Patty Hearst Biography

Born in 1954 in La, California, Patty Hearst is the granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst, creator of the Hearst media conglomerate. Not long after, she declared that she’d joined the SLA and started participating in unlawful activity together with the group, including robbery and extortion. Hearst was seized by the FBI in September 1975, as well as the subsequent year, she was convicted of bank robbery and sentenced to 35 years in penitentiary.

Patty Hearst was born Patricia Campbell Hearst on February 20, 1954, in La, California. Following her high school graduation, Hearst attended Menlo College along with the University of California at Berkeley.

In a odd turn of events, two months after she was taken captive, Hearst recorded an audiotape that will shortly be heard all over the world, declaring that she’d become area of the SLA. In the months that followed, more cassettes with Hearst talking were released by the group, as well as the young woman had started actively participating in SLA-headed unlawful action in California, including robbery and extortion—including an estimated $2 million from Hearst’s dad during her months in captivity.

On September 18, 1975, after more than 19 months using the SLA, Hearst was seized by the FBI. In the spring of 1976, she was convicted of bank robbery and sentenced to 35 years in penitentiary. Hearst would serve less than two years, yet; she was released in 1979, after President Jimmy Carter commuted her prison term.

Hearst’s encounter together with the SLA, especially the facts of her transition from victim to assistant, has triggered interest for the last few years, including innumerable mental studies both inspired and strengthened by her narrative. The shift in Hearst’s conduct together with the SLA continues to be widely related to a mental phenomenon called Stockholm syndrome, in which hostages start to develop positive feelings toward their captors, an effect believed to happen when casualties’ initially frightening encounters using their kidnappers are after countered with actions of empathy or comradery by those same people.

Patty Hearst Biography

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