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Nicolás Maduro Biography

Full nameNicolás Maduro
Star signSagittarius

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Nicolás Maduro Biography:

After Venezuelan President Hugo Chvez won a third term in October 2012, he picked Maduro to serve as vice president. Maduro worked alongside the blunt president until Chvez’s departure in March 2013. Prior to his passing, Chvez freely named Maduro his successor. In April 2013, Maduro won the Venezuelan presidency in a close election against nominee Henrique Capriles.

(Chvez was launched in 1994 and won election to the presidency four years after.)

Nicols Maduro formally entered politics in the late ’90s. In 2005, he became speaker of the Assembly.

The next year, in August 2006, Maduro was named foreign minister of Venezeula.

After President Chvez won a fourth term in October 2012, he picked Maduro to serve as vice president. Maduro worked alongside the blunt president, serving as among his closest advisors including a true spokesman, until Chvez’s passing on March 5, 2013, in the age of 58, from cancer. Prior to his passing, in December 2012, Chvez named Maduro his favored successor.

Shortly after news of Chvez’s departure broke in March 2013, reports summarized guess the differing political fashions of Nicols Maduro and National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello could prove difficult for Venezuela, following Maduro’s ascension to the presidency.

During his 2013 presidential campaign, Maduro vowed to finish the socialist transformation of Venezuela started by Chavez, to improve gun control in the nation ‘s impoverished regions, also to raise the country’s minimum wage by 30 to 40 percent.

In April 2013, Maduro won a close election against presidential nominee Henrique Capriles, winning by a less than two percentage point margin. Of the small election outcome, Maduro told The Washington Post, “Yesterday and today I said it—I win with one vote, I win. If I lose with one vote, I turn over [power] instantly. The electoral authorities said what the people needed.” He afterwards added, “These will be the people of Chavez. That is Chavez’s location. Chavez continues as an example for us! I’m ensuring the heritage of my commander, Chavez, the everlasting dad.”

Nicolás Maduro Biography

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