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Narendra Modi Biography

Full nameNarendra Damodardas Modi
Know asNarendra Damodardas Modi, Narendra Modi, Modi, Narendra Damodardas
Birth placeVadnagar, Bombay State, India
Birth date1950-09-17
Age69 years, 8 month, 5 days
WorkMember of the Lok Sabha
EducationGujarat University
SpouseJashodaben Narendrabhai Modi

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Narendra Damodardas Modi Biography:

Narendra Modi grew up poor in northern India, the son of a road retailer. He entered politics as a youth and rapidly climbed through the ranks of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a Hindu nationalist political party.

Narendra Modi was born in the little town of Vadnagar, in northern Gujarat, India. His dad was a road retailer who fought to support the family. Youthful Narendra and his brother sold tea near a bus terminal to simply help out. Though an typical pupils in school, Modi spent hours in the library and was known as a powerful debater.

Modi wed at 18 but spent little time together with his bride and eventually stopped the union. During the 197577 political crisis, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared a state of emergency, prohibiting political organizations like the RSS. Modi went underground and composed a novel,Sangharsh mother Gujarat (Gujarat in Crisis), which chronicles his experiences as a political fugitive. In 1978, Modi graduated from Delhi University having a diploma in political science and finished his master’s work at Gujarat University in 1983.

His rise through the ranks was fast, as he shrewdly selected mentors to help his career. He encouraged privatization of companies, small government and Hindu worth. In 1995, Modi was elected BJP national secretary, a place from which he successfully helped settle internal direction disputes, paving the way for BJP election successes in 1998.

In February 2002, while Modi served as chief minister of Gujarat, a commuter train was assaulted, allegedly by Muslims. In retaliation, an assault was performed on the Muslim area of Gulbarg. Violence spread, and Modi visited a curfew allowing authorities shoot-to-kill orders. After peace was restored, Modi’s government was criticized for the severe crack down, and he was accused of permitting the killings of more than 1,000 Muslims. After two investigations contradicted one other, the Indian Supreme Court reasoned there was no signs Modi was to blame.

Through those campaigns, Modi’s hardline Hinduism dampened and he talked more about economic growth. He’s credited with bringing prosperity and development to Gujarat and is seen as a corrupt-free and effective administrator. Yet, some say he’s done little to relieve poverty and boost living standards.

Modi campaigned hard, describing himself as a sensible nominee effective at turning around India’s market. In May 2014, he along with his party were successful, taking 282 of the 534 seats in the Lok Sabha. The success marked a devastating defeat to the Indian National Congress, which had commanded Indian politics for all the preceding 60 years, and sent a message that India’s citizens were behind an agenda of revolutionary change.

Narendra Modi Biography

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