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Mikhail Kalashnikov Biography




Produced in 1919, Mikhail Kalashnikov grew up in a big peasant family. He enlisted in the Russian military in 1938. From his hospital bed, he began work on an automatic rifle layout. Kalashnikov won a weapon layout competition, which resulted in the creation of his AK47 rifle. Since 1947, the AK47 has truly become among the most used assault weapons on the planet.

Produced on November 10, 1919, into a big peasant family in Kurya, in the Atlai area of Russia, Mikhail Kalashnikov could very well be the most well known weapons designer ever. He created the AK47 rifle, among the hottest firearms ever. In 1930, Kalashnikov and his family were compelled to quit their properties and move away from their village below the regime of Joseph Stalin. Kalashnikov initially aspired to become a poet, but went in another way after joining the military in 1938. Serving in a Russian tank division, he worked on several innovations to enhance specific tank functions. As he recuperated from his injuries, he started working on creating new weapons.

Mikhail Kalashnikov Biography