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Mike O’Malley Biography

Produced in Boston, Massachusetts, on October 31, 1969, performer and playwright Mike O’Malley moved to Nyc in 1990 and got work as the host for Nick’s gameshow Courage. His success continued when he moved to California and started landing roles on television situation comedies, including Yes, Dear and Glee. O’Malley continues to play now, along with compose and produce plays.

His dad, Tony, was a defense business executive and his mom, Marianne, a career counselor. O’Malley grew up in Nashua, New Hampshire, with three sibs. Growing up, O’Malley was surrounded by family who supported imagination and outgoing behaviour. He played little league and basketball as a lad and was an enthusiastic sports fan. He revealed some interest in theatre in his early life, participating in a number of community productions.

Between classes and celebrations, O’Malley finally found his approach to the theater section and was cast in numerous comedic characters. His love for the theater grew and eventually O’Malley urgently wished to be cast in much more serious parts so that you can develop as an actor. His success in the part, even on the small scale of University theatre, gave O’Malley the assurance to pursue acting as a profession.

Having a confident role model in the entertainment industry made O’Malley’s playing wishes appear likely. He moved to Nyc to pursue his profession. Several years after, he hosted the broadly popular Nickelodeon game show Courage (also called Nickelodeon Guts and International Courage), starring alongside celebrity Moira Quirk, the series’ referee. Getting the occupation for Nick gave O’Malley the chance to meet many business professionals that will propel his career.

He immediately started booking shows, including acting as ESPN’s sports fanatic “The Rick” in a series of advertisements for the network. In 1998, O’Malley moved to California and landed roles on several shows. In 1999, O’Malley had the chance to compose and star on his own show, The Mike O’Malley Show. Sadly, critics rent the show apart and also the network canceled it after just two episodes.

He’s composed several plays, for instance, off Broadway productions Three Years From Thirty and Redirecting Devotion.

O’Malley has kept fairly active lately after learning to be a dad of three and wedding his wife, Lisa, in 2000. He stays modest in the light of his success and is usually seen wearing a Boston sports cap—a symbol of his link to his origins.

Mike O’Malley Biography

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