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Mike Markkula Biography

Mike Markkula was born on February 11, 1942, in la, California. Following a fruitful career as a promotion manager, Markkula used his financial capital, expertise and vision to aid turn Apple Computers Inc. from a garage-run operation into a technical giant during his 20 years with the firm.

Markkula attended Glendale Junior College while supporting himself using some odd jobs, subsequently went to receive his bachelor’s as well as master’s degrees in electrical engineering in the University of Southern California.

He moved on to become advertising manager for Integrated Circuits at Fairchild Semiconductor, subsequently took the same position at Intel Corporation.

Having cashed out on his stock options, Markkula retired at age 32 to develop new hobbies and offer free consulting to fighting startups. Tipped off to the job of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who were assembling computers from a garage in Los Altos, he consented to see in November 1976.

Markkula was impressed with all the Apple II model that Wozniak and Jobs were piecing together, and offered to help them compose a small business plan. However he soon grew more invested with all the success of the merchandise, and took it upon himself to get the business off the earth. Himself invested $250,000 of his own cash in return for 20 percent of the firm’s stock, raised another $600,000 from investors and procured a line of credit.

Apple Computer Inc. was incorporated in January 1977, and with Markkula pouring cash into marketing and setting the basis for success, the business went from $2 million in sales in 1977 to about $15 million the subsequent year.

Markkula stayed the stable hand at Apple’s helm while its direction changed over time. The company’s CEO continued a connection to Apple’s origin as Wozniak faded from public viewand Occupations was phased out of Apple by the organization ‘s board of directors in 1985. The company’s CEO also played a part in the board’s choice to oust Sculley amid falling sales in 1993. But the organization ‘s continued fiscal woes brought more managerial instability, and Markkula left Apple in 1997.

Mike Markkula had invested his time in other efforts even when he was still greatly involved with running Apple. In 1986, himself supplied first capital to Santa Clara University to get a centre of applied ethics, which now bears his name, and he served as the university’s board of trustees from 2003 to 2009. Markkula additionally founded the Echelon Corporation, which develops smart energy-management networking platforms, and stays a vice chairman of its own board of directors.

Mike Markkula Biography

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