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MC Hammer Biography

Born into poverty in Oakland, California, in 1962, MC Hammer started his performing career as a young lad dancing outside the Oakland Coliseum during Oakland A’s matches. He established himself into full fledged stardom together with the 1990 launch Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em, the first record credited with bringing rap to the mainstream. Following a high-speed monetary downfall, Hammer has rallied as a musician and businessman.

His dad, Lewis Burrell, worked as a warehouse manager for quite some time before betting took over his life and almost drove the family to destroy.

Luckily for his son, Stanley never inherited his dad’s gambling gene. Instead, his passions lay with music, baseball and dancing. From the age of 11, youthful Burrell was consistently bringing in cash performing dance routines outside Oakland Coliseum during A’s home games.

By chance, he got the focus of the team’s owner, Chuck Finley, and was enticed to see a match from his luxury box.

Burrell, who played second base in high school, was a gifted baseball player too and afterwards earned himself a tryout with all the San Francisco Giants. Nevertheless, he neglected to make the final cut, stopping the young ballplayer’s hopes of playing in the majors.

It was also in this time he got the nickname “Hammer,” for his likeness to home run king Hank “The Hammer” Aaron.

Following a brief stint in an area school and 3 years in the Navy, during which he worked as an aviation storekeeper, Hammer returned to Oakland and performing.

After a releasing a modified version of his first record, Hammer took to the studio for his third release, 1990’s Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em. While he was definitely a known amount on the graphs through this time (Hammer’s second release, Feel My Power, netted more than $2 million in sales), nobody could have called the success his third record would create.

The numbers were staggering, using the record selling more than ten million copies and becoming the most successful rap record ever.

For Hammer the success interpreted into unbelievable prosperity. Tap to the success of the record, Hammer produced and starred in a movie of exactly the same name. The film tells the fictional story of a rapper who returns home and gets the better of the city’s largest drug kingpin.

In a attempt to market the record, the musician followed its release having a luxurious tour and high-priced music videos. Despite all the glitz and PR muscle, the record did not capture the magic or the sales amounts his previous attempt had.

As fast as Hammer rose to the very top of the music world, he just as swiftly dropped from its pinnacle. Only six years following the success of his milestone record, Hammer filed for bankruptcy.

In the peak of his spending, Hammer employed 40 people, purchased a $30 million house (later sold), and possessed at least 17 autos along with several racehorses. His record of lenders contained soccer star Deion Sanders, who’d loaned him $500,000.

As hip hop evolved as a music type, Hammer attempted to keep up. Throughout the 1990s and the very first decade of the 2000s, Hammer continued to compose and record music. In all he is released over 10 albums during his long career, but nothing has ever matched the star and sales that greeted his records in the early 1990s.

Recently the businessman in Hammer has set him in the midst of several distinct business opportunities, from trend to technology to mixed martial arts. Moreover, he is appeared in various advertisements and television shows.

In February of 2013 Hammer was detained in a shopping center in northern California. The arrest followed a verbal altercation using a police officer who’d pulled him over in an automobile which wasn’t registered in his name. Several weeks after, the charges against Hammer were dropped.

Since 1985 Hammer has been married to Stephanie Fuller. The couple has five kids together. Your family lives in Tracy, California.

MC Hammer Biography

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