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Mary Wilson Biography

Full nameRosemary Wilson

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Rosemary Wilson Biography:

She soon became a Motown star and enjoyed a successful solo career following the group disbanded in 1977.

Vocalist. Produced March 6, 1944 in Greenville, Mississippi, Mary Wilson put a tough youth before rising to music superstardom. As a young black girl, Wilson often fell upon the brutal realities of racism and inequality. So having my parents making you conscious as a kid that ‘You can not do this because you are black.’ I would like to tell you, we could not do particular things.” Wilson moved around often during her youth, living for extended stretches of time together with her aunt and uncle instead of her parents before eventually landing in the rough and tumble Brewsterdouglass jobs of Detroit, Michigan.

As Wilson after recalled, “I used to hear rock and roll when it was really early and I simply adored it. Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers were my favourite group. That has been the 1st time and that I simply fell in love with it. Afterward I met Florence and she said relating to this group they were planning to begin, and would I like to be in it, which is what got me into carrying this out.”

In 1959, when she was only 15 years old, Mary Wilson’s show business dreams started to come true much earlier than anticipated. She was found by manager Milton Jenkins, who decided her to head a brand new group known as The Primettes, an all-female solution to his popular man doo wop group, The Primes. Making great on their youth guarantee, Wilson brought Ballard to the group. A fourth member, Betty McGlown, rounded out the quartet as well as the girls started building a standing while performing at local jobs and functions.

Mary Wilson Biography

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